Long Time, No Blog

Uncategorized / Sunday, July 8th, 2018

Hello Everyone… or anyone out there who may read this.

Long time, no blog!

Work has been busy, but that’s not really a good excuse.

I think the main thing is I didn’t really have a specific theme or purpose for this blog.  I don’t want to post all of my meals, or my everyday life, but I also don’t have adventures everyday… but soon — for 12 ish weeks, I will be on an adventure.

I will be training for my first Half Marathon! 

On Global Running Day, with the support of others, and a MAJOR discount, I signed up for the Rock’N’Roll Los Angeles half. It’s Halloween weekend, and a lot of people dress up.  Plus we get to run through DTLA and it will be deserted except for all the runners!

So, I will be updating my half marathon training here on the blog for myself, and anyone else!

Right now, I’ve been having a long run of 10k and trying to do it for speed.  Yesterday it was 67% humidity out (WHAT?) at 6:30 AM when I started.

I made it through and PR’ed even though I literally walked over a mile.  I can’t wait to try again next weekend, during an evening run by the beach, and do way better because 1. I like night running, and 2. it will be way cooler!

The good news is with my running, I’m getting stronger and faster.  The only problem I’m dealing with right now, is I think I sit weird, and my nerve in my left hip isn’t very happy with me.  Any suggestions?

I stopped by the farmer’s market today and grabbed amazing strawberries — I will be freezing 2/3rds and saving them for smoothies all year round.  It’s something my mom and I would do, and I never understood why we couldn’t just buy the frozen strawberries, but now I get it.  Thanks Mom!

Please know I’m terribly obsessed with the HUJI app.  It makes all photos look like it’s 1998 again, AKA it makes all photos look like the photos I would take with a disposable camera as a kid.

I also got the basil plant a friend, a mint plant!

Please keep Minty in your thoughts, as it will be a miracle if I don’t accidentally kill him.