Achievements, Goals, and Royal Babies!

Uncategorized / Monday, April 23rd, 2018

Recently I have made a couple of acheivements with my running, as I kind of hinted at yesterday… I have a new furthers run PR!

Don’t be surprised but this was a running club run! In running club you follow a trail that a few people lay out for you.  I accidentally missed finding the trail, TWICE.  Although technically I got lost three times, but one of those times it we all got lost as a group (which is where a lot of walking occured.)

I acutally stayed behind to talk to another older runner, he is really nice, and used to run semi-professionally!  His PR 5k is 16:00 flat!  I couldn’t believe how fast he used to be!

The second achievement I have conqured recently was a little over 4 miles in under an hour!

Even with a squirrel sighting, and me wanting to totally phone it in.  (I actually texted my roomate I was running with that if she finished before me, she could pick me up ha!) My goal was 4 miles in 1 hour… and I made it!

I just kept repeating to myself  “always earned, never given.”  

As for my goals right now… 1. I will continue bettering my # of miles in an hour time. 2. I would love to have a few more runs be 5 miles + and then I can build up from there!


The Royal Baby Boy is here!  I am a fan of Duchess Kate’s (although I’m becoming a bigger fan of Meghan Markle for a few reasons.)  It reminded me that the last time the Royal Baby arrived (Charlotte) I was running, and wouldn’t allow myself to stop running until they had made their debut!

This time I’ll just be live streaming at my desk while working!

Do you guys like The Royal Family too or no?

Do you have any thoughts on the name??? I’m hoping for something like “Edward James Charles…” but apparently the name Arthur is a front runner.

Tell me about your latest achievement! 🙂