A Note On Fear…

Uncategorized / Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

My roomate had talked about her running club for a long time, she had invited me, but our schedules never seemed to work out.  Also, I was really nervous and afraid because I’m not a fast fast runner — so I put off going for awhile. Finally, after over a year, Wednesday Feburary 28th, I put Beckett in his Unicorn Costume (seriously, I wanted everyone to like me/us!) and I went on my first run with the running club.

Please know, that I was really, really nervous that day. I kept asking all these questions about the runners versus the walkers, how does the club work, what does XYZ mean? Are there 6 minute milers in the club? How many people run 6 minute miles? Is it okay if I’m a slower runner? (Plus many, many more questions.)

It was really, really cold outsde, so we started off walking, and ended up walking a lot… but we finished!  We followed the true trail, and ran all the way to the end past the harbor.  It was fun, everyone was acceping, and everyone just has a good time. So… a couple of weeks later I ended up running with them again!

That was actually a really fun run!  It was the anniversary run, and a lot of people showed up!  The theme was purple so we all wore purple, and had purple drinks (blue kool-aid and red raspberry vodka!) and went to go hang out together afterwards!

After running club, I started running by myself at home, and with my roomate and our doggos! I also am happy to go for a run by myself around the neighborhood.

I have even been pushed in the club to go longer distances I have never gone before, 5.78 miles was the furthest I had ever run until Thurdsay (more on that later.)

Yes it is hard, yes it is scary, but it’s also 100% worth it.  The run above was so fun.  I earned my first club patch, we saw the Easter Bunny, we had a cute walking section with a couple of two year old twins who each walked a dog, (they didn’t even want to let go of the leash when in the stroller!) and we ended up running on the beach.  We let the dogs go off leash.  They raced and zoomed around and had such a great time!

I will go more into running in my next post — goals I have, progress I’m making (like Yesterday’s run, and Thursday’s run as well!)

This post is just to say… sometimes you have fear and anxiety about something, and one day you decide to go conquor your fear, and you find that what you have feared is not scary, and actually one of the best things you could have ever done.