A Belated Motivation Monday

Uncategorized / Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

Today I thought I would sit down and create a Motivation Monday post… and then I realized it wasn’t Monday it’s actually Tuesday… so here is your super belated Motivation Monday post!

No Grit, No Pearl 

No Grit, No Pearl is one of my favorite motivational quotes.  In today’s world, it’s really easy to only see everyone’s highlight reels.  You see peoples promotions, new cars, new clothes, vacations, and whatever else they want you to see.  Or you only see the “after” not the hard work that came behind it.

I had a tough time at work a couple of weeks ago, where I kept making simple mistake after mistake.  My boss had a talk with me, and told me she had a week just like the very one I was having!  She had even questioned her place at our company, and if she could effectively lead.  All I had been seeing in the office was a strong woman who was dominating, and taking care of everything.  — I never knew that she had been struggling too.  It was nice to hear, and it made me feel like I wasn’t alone.

It really taught me that you there is struggle, t

here are harder times, and everyone goes through them.  It’s not just me alone who is struggling, which is what I had been feeling. Without the grit, you wouldn’t get to the “success” side.

Since the talk my Boss and I had, I’ve been doing a lot better at work.  I try and kick ass everyday, and I am working hard to overcome the struggles.

I try and remember everyday, No Grit, No Pearl.

PS My boss has been having struggles this past week with her health, so if you could send good vibes, well wishes etc. that would be so great!