Rancho Palos Verde & Wayfarers Chapel

Uncategorized / Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Almost everyday I am traveling around Southern California for my job.  I love going to new cities, and seeing new and interesting things I haven’t seen before.  Sometimes it’s street art, other times it’s great architecture, but yesterday it was a gorgeous scenic drive up the coast, and a pretty famous chapel.

I had never been to Rancho Palos Verde before, and ended up being in awe.  I have already told people they need to go there, and requested a hiking day up there!

I ended up making a u-turn about halfway, because I couldn’t stand not taking photos any longer! (& my boss encourages us taking our 15 minute breaks!) I ended up taking quote a few photos…

Then I was getting ready to make the u-turn to go to city hall and I spotted it — Wayfarers Chapel!  If you watched The OC like I did… you’ll remember it’s where Caleb and Julie got married.  Also I’ve been told it was where Emily and Daniel got married in Revenge.  Let me say, it is GORGEOUS in person, simply amazing.

It is all glass, and the view is stunning.  Even thought it is in Southern California, the trees and ragged rocky coast remind me of Northern California.

I think I fell in love a little with Rancho Palos Verde yesterday, and I can’t wait to back!  If you have any hidden treasures in Southern California, tell me about them so I can visit!  If you aren’t from Southern California, what is your favorite hidden spot in your town? 

After two 11 hour work days in a row, this moment of zen, was exactly what I needed to help me get through the week.  Hope you all find some tranquility too in the midst of a busy week.